Best Spider Traps

The Best Spider Traps are poison free

Quality Spider Traps Welcome to our free spider traps tutorial, a quick guide to choosing and using spider traps in your home. Learn how to choose the best spider traps safely.

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By Scott Sellinger

With so many types traps out there, our buying guide makes choosing spider a trap easy. You can find relevant information on "Effective and Safe Spider Traps" right here!
After all, we want to trap spiders while keeping our family safe. Learn which spider traps can control spiders without the expense of professional exterminators or pesticide poisons.

How do I get rid of spiders?

There are several choices: Use an Exterminator, Do it yourself pesticide sprays or Spider Traps. The best reasons for using each solution to get rid of spiders is based on several factors that we will explore in "How Do I get rid of Spiders?"


Quick Solution to Spider Problems

In areas where it's not the best idea to spray pesticides (like food storage areas, cabinets, or office environments), glue traps become the safe and sure way to get rid of spiders.
Glue based spider traps are the gold standard for trapping a spider in your home. You safely dispose of the spider when it is caught in the Catchmaster spider trap, preventing dead spiders from hiding in your walls. The trap can also be used to positively identify which spiders are in your home. This increases safety because you learn to recognize and avoid dangerous spiders Brown Recluse, Hobo and Black Widow spiders, and you know where to put more traps!

Using a spider trap in your home.

In this how to chapter we'll look at how a spider trap is best used in homes. Placement of traps, and explore some myths about spider behavior

How to buy quality Spider Traps

Finally, we explore what to look for when buying spider traps. There are several traps on the market, some proven and others may not even be effective (IneffectiveSpiderTrapz). Let's explore the price vs quality and help you choose the best solution for the price.